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Faculty and Staff Development Week

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The Professional Development Center was given responsibility to coordinate the events of the college’s faculty and staff development week, which is held the week prior to the start of classes each semester. 

Typically, the week begins with an all faculty/staff address by the president of the college, with recognition of new employees, promotions, degrees earned, and retirees.  Educational Affairs is responsible for selecting a keynote address for this morning.  The remainder of the week, individuals from around campus can submit information for their committee or topic to be included in the week’s schedule. 

In the fall, we have a Fall Kickoff theme, kicking off a new academic year.  Educational Affairs hosts an all-campus cookout, which has proven to be a wonderful time for collegiality and meeting new people.  The rest of the week is focused mainly on various committee and informational meetings, in preparation for the new semester. 

In the spring, we have a Spring Training week.  As this week occurs mid-year, many committees have had time to already meet, so we focus this week on professional development and training opportunities, with various speakers, presentations, and workshops.  We again offer a chance for employees to mingle and eat during a pancake breakfast, sponsored by Educational Affairs and Student Development. 

The PDC staff, in addition to coordinating this week, also enjoy the opportunity to have a table with our newsletter and some giveaways on the first day…a token of our appreciation for all employee groups on campus.  Make sure and stop by (you can’t miss us)!!