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The Engaged Classroom and Creating Its Story (STARLINK)

Meeting Date(s):online from March 1 through March 31, 2018
Instructor:Page Wolf
Contact Hours:1
Credit Type:

Per Adjunct Union Contract 3.G - Adjunct faculty will not be compensated for attending programs, workshops, seminars, courses or meetings to meet federal, state or grant requirements under which an adjunct provides instruction. Check with Division office for guidelines.

Adjunct faculty currently under contract will be compensated $35/contact hour up to a maximum of 11 contact hours for the academic year (fall and spring semesters combined; no summer stipends). Please note that there are some TLETC classes that are not offered for faculty credit.

Description:We often focus on the content of our learning efforts --the what. A less discussed topic is --the how of learning. In this thought provoking discussion, Rodger Bennett and Ed Bowen will use the metaphor of music to present some "Bach to basics" learning strategies. With lively discussion and your participation, you will get to explore and develop new and meaningful learning paths for students and for yourself.

If it happens to be a Starlink class that offers the course in module format for 5 contact hours, they will mail you an online certificate after the modules have been completed. To earn this additional credit, email a copy of the PDF completion certificate in addition to the Viewer Verification Form.