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Are Your Students Global Citizens? How to Teach Diversity to the Leaders of Tomorrow (NISOD webinar)

Meeting Date(s):Thursday, February 22, 2018
Time:1:00pm- 2:00pm
Instructor:Page Wolf
Contact Hours:1
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Per Adjunct Union Contract 3.G - Adjunct faculty will not be compensated for attending programs, workshops, seminars, courses or meetings to meet federal, state or grant requirements under which an adjunct provides instruction. Check with Division office for guidelines.

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Description:Teaching diversity requires strong relationships that encourage dialogue and action so todays students become tomorrows leaders. Confederation College has embedded Indigenous knowledge into classrooms since 2010 through specially developed Indigenous Learning Outcomes (ILO). The infusion of ILOs into program-specific courses throughout the college provides all students with opportunities to develop an understanding of Indigenous Knowledge through diverse world views and cultural frameworks in relation to their chosen career field. The concept of embedding diverse perspectives into the curriculum is a transferable skill. This webinar presents the ILOs as a case study while encouraging participants to adapt the model to fit their own curriculum. This webinar also demonstrates how embedding diverse perspectives into the classroom leads to a better understanding of cultural frameworks and how incorporating Indigenous Knowledge into the curriculum can improve critical-thinking skills.

S. Brenda Small, Vice President, Centre for Policy and Research in Indigenous Learning Leslie Macgregor, Associate Dean, School of Access and Success Lisa Jack, Manager, Paterson Learning Commons

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  • Main points from the presentation that stood out to you and why
  • Any questions that were generated from the topic or that remain unanswered
  • Commentary on how you might apply the information you learned from this session in your instruction